Welcome to Our Teardrop Trailer Project

(This page/web will follow our teardrop trailer project from conception to finish.  I hope!)

I only recently decided that this would be a great project to undertake after seeing ads in my woodworking magazines for the Kuffel Creek Press trailer plans.  Once I checked out their site (www.kuffelcreek.com) and surfed the web for info on teardrop trailers, I was hooked.

My plan at this point in time is to build a spacious trailer that can house a queen-sized futon mattress for my wife and I.  And then there's our Golden Retriever puppy Barley - 11 months old as I start this web page (10/16/05) and 72+ pounds of unbridled energy.  We decided she needs her own space in the trailer so I'm planning to include a built-in kennel for her with a door off the main sleeping cabin and an access hatch outside for easy cleaning if needed.  And it'll be expandable for a second dog if we break down and get Barley a sister (Hops!).

My initial sketches on paper now have me building a teardrop that's not so classically styled - it's rectangular in shape with a 45-degree sloping hatch over the rear galley section.  The trailer will be custom built with a basic frame size of 11'0" in length by 5'6" wide.  I'm really hooked on torsion-box construction - wall shelves, shop assembly table - so I plan to use that technique to build all of the panels for the walls, roof and floor.  This will let me build all of the panels in my basement shop since none will be larger than 4' x 6'.  And finally, rather than covering the trailer with aluminum or fiberglass panels I'm planning on painting the bare wood with ArmorPoxy (www.armorpoxy.com).

Drawings (Coming Soon!)

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